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Why Am I Losing My Hair? Hair Loss in Women

Why Am I Losing My Hair? Hair Loss in Women

The impacts of male pattern baldness in ladies is crushing and regularly amazingly distressing. Most imagine that balding is just a man’s concern and in this way are befuddled and baffled when it transpires. As a general rule female male pattern baldness is more far reaching than a great many people figure it out. The uplifting news is that in an extensive level of ladies, balding is preventable, treatable and reversible.

The most widely recognized causes originate from transitory hormonal issues related with strange anxiety, crash eats less carbs, significant surgery, high fever and contamination, and chemotherapy, certain medications and pregnancy. These conditions are generally impermanent and once the issue is eased, the hair diminishing stops and solid regrowth normally happens.

In the event that the loss of hair isn’t identified with a metabolic issue, it is in all probability because of Female Pattern Hair Loss. Not at all like men, ladies don’t lose their hair in the great “horseshoe” design on the head, yet rather in a general diminishing at the hair line and best of the head. This kind of misfortune may show up at whenever after pubescence, yet is most regularly observed after menopause. In Female Pattern Hair Loss, the male hormone Testosterone is changed over to Dihydrotestosterone, or DHT. This hormone at that point continues to impact the vulnerable hairs to thin and in the long run drop out.

There are an assortment of reasons why ladies could encounter male pattern baldness:

Typical Hair Loss

Many individuals wind up plainly worried about their circumstance when they see hair on their apparel, in the shower or on the cushion. Be that as it may, hair is continually experiencing cycles of development, resting and shedding. It just turns into a worry when hair that are lost are not supplanted. The normal individual sheds roughly 50 – 100 hairs for each day.


Numerous ladies encounter balding after pregnancy, regularly amid the initial 3 to a half year in the wake of conceiving an offspring. Most perceptible is a lot of hair turning out in the wake of washing or subsequent to brushing their hair. This is caused by the hormonal changes happening inside the lady’s body, making the hair go into a resting stage, and more often than not settle itself inside a half year.


Chemotherapy and radiation treatment stop the development of hair follicles inside their hair cycle, causing sudden loss of hair as those follicles shed their hair at about a similar time. Different pharmaceuticals, for example, antidepressants, anticoagulants, amphetamines, a few anti-toxins, some blood thinners, a few prescriptions for ulcers, gout and hypertension likewise make hair drop out.


After menopause, around 1/3 of all ladies discover their hair starts to thin because of hormonal changes in the body. While there are different medicines for hormone substitution, there are likewise symptoms related with a considerable lot of them and experimentation and exchange with your specialist are suggested.


Stress is a typical factor in male pattern baldness, which incidentally regularly prompts extra loss of hair due to the additional nervousness. An upsetting occasion can make an expansive number of hair follicles enter the resting (telogen) arrange in the meantime, bringing about sudden overabundance shedding.

Sebum Buildup

Sebum is the greasy substance that is discharged from the sebaceous organs which open into hair follicles. At the point when sebum develops in the follicle it assaults the hair globule, bringing about the contracting of the hair knob until the point when the hair strand becomes weaker and weaker and inevitably kicks the bucket.

Anti-conception medication

For ladies with an inclination to female example male pattern baldness and has a background marked by it in her family, ought to prompt her specialist before going on the pill. Following cessation of the pill, there might be perceptible shedding 2 to 3 months after the fact and may proceed for up to a half year. Ladies who are powerless to Androgenic Alopecia (Female Pattern Hair Loss) can encounter male pattern baldness at a significantly more youthful age by being on contraception pills.


Numerous ladies encounter general diminishing at the highest points of their head as they age. Before menopause roughly 13 percent of ladies encounter diminishing hair. After menopause this number increments to around 37 percent.


Serious diseases and ailments can cause diminishing and loss of hair. These may incorporate diabetes, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, thyroid issues, and contagious contaminations on the scalp.

Hereditary qualities

Androgenetic Alopecia is the hereditary inclination in the two ladies and men for loss of hair. In opposition to prevalent thinking, the capable characteristic can be brought through either the mother or father’s side of the family.

Hormonal Imbalances

Loss of hair may come about when androgens (male hormones) and estrogens (female hormones) are out of adjust. Likewise, either underactive or overactive thryoid can prompt male pattern baldness also.

In the event that you are a ladies encountering diminishing of the hair, the main activity is get legitimately analyzed by your family specialist or dermatologist through a progression of tests to decide the reason. These tests incorporate a careful medicinal history and physical examination and blood tests checking the blood tally, thyroid, iron and glucose levels.

The second is to look for treatment to anticipate assist misfortune and enhance the state of your current hair. In the past number of years, Laser Hair Therapy has turned into a famous treatment choice suggested by doctors for its absence of reactions and its high rate of achievement in treating Androgenetic Alopecia in ladies.

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