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Sergio Pizzorno Hairstyle

Sergio Pizzorno Hairstyle

Sergio Lorenzo Pizzorno was conceived on 15 December 1980 in Newton Abbot, Devon. Otherwise known as “Serge”, he plays guitar for Leicester based band KASABIAN. In 2006, he assumed control as central lyricist of Kasabian after the takeoff of Chris Karloff.


Serge’s dad emigrated from Genoa, Italy to England and settled in Leicester. In spite of being raised in the city, Sergio was conceived in Newton Abbot, Devon [apparently his mom preferred the doctor’s facilities there a considerable measure more].

Serge initially had aims to begin a vocation in Football. He says “I advised my professions counselor I needed to be focus forward for Leicester City. When he said ‘No’ I thought I’d be in a stone ‘n’ move band.”

Melodic Career

Serge’s guitar of decision is a red Rickenbacker 481 which he has played in the majority of Kasabian’s music recordings, and almost all their live exhibitions. Serge has needed to be an effective artist since the age of 15.

“I’d got myself this modest Vantage guitar,” he says. “I showed myself (Oasis’s) Live Forever. The rest is history. Each key guitarist has a guitar he is related with, similar to Hendrix with his Stratocaster, Lennon with his semi Rickenbacker.

“I’m fortunate – nobody has played this make of Rickenbacker before – individuals don’t care for its characteristic mutilation – so I have my mark guitar, as well. I would prefer not to sound all Spinal Tap, yet my guitar and me? It’s an otherworldly thing, man.”


Year of fabricate: 1975

Sort: Electric

Development: Maple and rosewood

“The 481 has a hotter – or muddier – tone than generally Rics. Exceptionally, the fusses are inclined, an odd thought intended to make harmonies less demanding to play. This model never extremely demonstrated famous.”

Serge additionally plays a Rickenbacker 480 of every a maple-glo wrap up.

Serge presently plays lead guitar for Kasabian and additionally including backing vocals, in spite of the fact that on various melodies, for example, “Test Transmission”, “English Legion” and “Me Plus One”, he goes up against lead vocalist obligations.

He has additionally worked with previous Kasabian lead guitarist and musician Chris Karloff on the DJ Shadow track “The Tiger” from the collection “The Outsider”.

The World According to Serge

Serge isn’t viewed as being enamored with Kasabian being contrasted with comparative, more seasoned groups, including Oasis and The Stone Roses. He says “The outside fans tune in to the music progressively and don’t call us The Stone Roses or anything. “I think they get us for our identity, particularly in France and spots that way. There’s no things like in the UK.”

In spite of this, Serge is as yet a sharp admirer of Britpop band Oasis, specifically center man Noel Gallagher. “At our school, on the off chance that you played guitar you got beat up for being a ponce. At that point Oasis went along and all of a sudden playing guitar was cool. They roused an entire age of groups. When we began as children, it was Noel Gallagher who roused me more than any instructor or recorded figure I’d found out about.” “For Oasis to request that we run with them is a respect and a delight. I envision they see a great deal of themselves in us and I don’t envision they’d go on visit with a band they didn’t care for.”

He has additionally stood in opposition to other melodic craftsmen. The Kooks, for example, are said to ‘make music for young ladies’. Keane frontman Tom Chaplin was likewise condemned by Serge in the wake of going to sedate recovery, with Serge blaming him for being ‘dependent on port’

Elective Rock band My Chemical Romance were viewed seriously also. Individual Kasabian part Tom Meighan expressed “It resembles ventriloquists’ music. It’s unusual and dim. They don’t have anything positive to state. The main uplifting news is that it won’t last. These comedians won’t be around for any longer. “Their make-up will chip off and the scene will cease to exist. What’s more, it can’t occur soon enough.”, with Serge including “These emotional children ought to get out increasingly and attempt and have a decent time.”

About band The Darkness, Serge remarked “No one thinks about The Darkness any longer. I don’t think anyone is sitting tight for their second collection. The British diagrams have dependably been commanded by comic drama acts. We used to have The Wurzels, and The Darkness can undoubtedly be contrasted with some individual like that.”

Serge has as of late turned into the ‘Substance Of Armani’.

Serge has likewise picked up a faction status because of his heavenly volley which included on english network show ‘Soccer AM’. The video of which has turned into a major hit on the video sharing site Youtube. See beneath…

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