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Light hairstyles on each day from hands: the photo step by step

Light hairstyles on each day from hands: the photo step by step

It is not necessary to dissipate all under the power every day there is a lot of time under formation of a hairstyle. But it does not mean that you have to get stuck in one and the same way. There are a lot of easy and fast hairstyles that do not demand special knowledge and efforts. The convenience of similar variants also in what many devices and packaging of means is not necessary. Today is with ait % host% which light hairstyles on everyday show you can do the hands.

Light hairstyles on each day from hands: the photo step by step


There is nothing better than to change the hairstyle every day. Besides, women think up easy and fast variants of packaging all the time. One help to look elegant, and others – create the keschual way.


  • 1 The hairstyle the braiding and the bundle
  • 2 The hairstyle the French scythe with the dismissed hair
  • 3 The hairstyle in style the bocho elegance
  • 4 The hairstyle à la princess

The hairstyle the braiding and the bundle

There are many variants of this hairstyle. Therefore it is possible to experiment with the arrangement of scythes and bunches. It will depend on how the person looks. Any variations will, and others forgive – show off all the positive sides. The present type of hairstyle – is universal. Therefore it will approach all types and forms of the person. Such packaging can be made on average and long hair.

As a tool for formation of a good bunch there is a special roller. If it does not exist, the sock will approach – it is necessary to cut off a front part and to tie it together. The owners of the thick hair can turn the hair unaided.

  1. Creation of a hairstyle begins with braiding of a scythe. For this it is necessary: ​​to tilt a head and comb hair and to braid a scythe it is necessary down to the middle of a head. It is better to choose the French lichen. So the scythe will look more spatial.
  2. On a toe all hair has to be collected in a tail and to consolidate, from an eraser.
  3. Next you have to turn the curls into the bundle. He should be gorgeous and just surrender.
  4. That the hairstyle looked neat, it is necessary to avoid formation of “flags”. For this purpose it is possible to take advantage of special mousses for a smooth ironing of hair. It is a little necessary. Since the way daily should be as natural as possible.

Light hairstyles on each day from hands: the photo step by step

The hairstyle the French scythe with the dismissed hair

It is the more romantic way of packaging. It can be used as in everyday life, as well as for reunion. The big advantage of this hairstyle is that it does not need a lot of time for its formation, says the look and about the retreating though. To complete packing of a size, it is necessary to turn on streaks. It should be the light curls.

Next we take such steps:

  1. We put the hair in the side parting.
  2. The braiding of the French scythe is started with larger parts of the vertex.
  3. After two-three seizures of streaks it is necessary to pass to usual braiding.
  4. From the opposite side of the crown you have to separate the little strand.
  5. This free curl and the scythe gobble on the nape and hide the “ends” of the friend under the friend. Thus, the scythe under the strand, and their, in turn, under the scythe.
  6. Each of strands should be strengthened by the invisible.

To keep the hairstyle is longer, you can consolidate their varnish. But it should not be much, that the effect “stick together” hair did not arise.

Light hairstyles on each day from hands: the photo step by step

The hairstyle in style the bocho elegance

The style of bocho elegance has appeared in the late nineties, but it is up-to-date and now. Especially in the hairstyle. The simple and eye-catching packaging that will dilute the daily schematism.

This hairstyle will need silicone erasers.

  1. To begin forming of packaging it is necessary from apex. He should be the straight. Front you have to give a little hair from both sides. About 5-7 centimeters.
  2. After drawing in from both sides it is necessary to join a small braid and to strengthen silicone colorless erasers.
  3. Then the indentation in 1-2 centimeters also becomes and is braided two more scythes. This braiding should be symmetrical from both sides.
  4. Further it is necessary to connect scythes on a neck.

The strands, which remained free at the forehead, join the scythes as well. The curls are crossed and fastened by the hairpin.

Light hairstyles on each day from hands: the photo step by step

The hairstyle à la princess

The princesses of Disney’s animated films have the classic hairstyle. And to realize them in life quite simply. To feel the princess hairpins will be needed on which the whole construction will hold.

It is necessary to start with twisting curls. It will make the hair more spatial and will give the necessary form of hairstyle. If the hair is very fine, then you can use the powder for the circumference. This remedy will help to lay the unruly hair.

Further the algorithm of actions is this:

  1. At the temples you have to separate some fine curls.
  2. It is necessary to connect it in a flute.
  3. The got knot it is necessary to fix hairpins. They should be inserted exactly in a network of two dowels – a cross on a cross.
  4. The permanent length of the strands follows the hair “wrap around”. Thus, the tail, the braids will result from the fine strands.
  5. So it is necessary to do it to the end.

If length of curls is absent on three-four turns, it is possible to accurately hide ends in the back and to fix, a transparent eraser. To continue braiding, new strands should be taken.

The last knot should be fastened with the remaining hair.

To make the hairstyle more splendid, you can sip for the strands. The firmness of a hairstyle will increase an easy covering with varnish.

Light hairstyles on each day from hands: the photo step by step

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