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For every face shape: hairstyles that make you younger

For every face shape: hairstyles that make you younger

For every face shape: hairstyles that make you younger

After telling you recently which make-up mistakes make you look older, let’s go one step further. The right haircut can make us look older or just younger. Which haircut has the most anti-aging potential depends on the face shape. With these hairstyles, you can cheat five to ten years younger with a walk to your favorite hairdresser.

Oval face: Pixie Cut

Oval face Pixie Cut

Women with an oval face shape have hardly any limits in terms of hairstyle. You can let off steam with hairstyles to the chin length. However, the hair should not grow over the breast, otherwise the face will be visually elongated.

At the youngest, oval looks come with a pixie cut. This hairstyle directs the eyes to the center of the face, while smile lines of the eye area are subtly covered by strands of hair. The Pixie Cut should therefore be fringed and styled with hair clay. Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson are fans of the playful Pixie Cut and show how beautifully a face can shine with it.

Square face: step cut and middle parting

Square face shapes are defined by a prominent jawbone. A youthful look can be easily achieved with a hairdresser’s visit of the minimally invasive type: a medium-length step cut (best worn with a center parting) is similar to a soft focus on angular face shapes. He makes the profile instantly feminine. Keira Knightley and Jennifer Lopez have been wearing a soft step cut for years, which makes their chin look strikingly feminine.

Slim face: Curly Bob

Slim face Curly Bob

Narrow faces can quickly disappear under hair masses and should therefore focus on a minimalist look. Bob hairstyles with gentle curls play around the delicate features without crushing them in their entirety. On top of that, the face looks a little rounder and awakens childlike associations; ergo one is perceived by his environment younger.

Jessica Alba and Kim Kardashian are using this look as an excellent example. Both women have a slim face and put it with a curly bob in scene.

Round face: Long Bob

Get round face shapes with a sleek styled Long Bob structure. The all-round hairstyle makes the face narrower and conjures on top of sexy cheekbones. The facial features can literally “breathe” through the “missing” volume on the top of the head. This makes the face look younger.

Selina Gomez shows how to rock a sleek long bob with a round.

Heart-shaped face: “Gringe” pony

A broader forehead, a narrower, sharper chin, and slightly farther apart eyes are classic features for a heart-shaped face shape. A frayed, longer bangs, the so-called “gringe” (“Grown out fringe”) directs the view of the center of the face, which is hardly affected by aging processes. Another bonus of trend hairstyle: Any forehead wrinkles are hidden by the pony.

Dakota Johnson’s trademark is her perfectly fitting Gringe Pony.

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