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How to Do a 5 Strand Braid

This is an easy hairstyle where you follow normal procedure of making a braid but by using 5 sections of hair. It does look tricky but once you get the hang of the braiding technique it is so easy. I find it really helps to say ” under, over, under ...

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Kate Middleton Updo

Kate Middleton Updo: We all love Kate Middleton – specially her hair. I mean, really? It’s always gorgeous. Here I’m showing you a simple Kate Middleton undo that’s rather fancy but is really easy. So easy you don’t even need to use heat! Enjoy!

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Cute and Simple Mom Hairstyles

 Cute and Simple Mom Hairstyles: Mothers are occupied, right? It’s interesting how such a little individual can take up so much time! What’s more, I just have two children so I can just envision what it’d resemble with additional. I do at present think about myself and the way I ...

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Easy Work out Hairstyles

Easy Work out Hairstyles : Sometimes, as much as you pin, twist, or otherwise secure your hair before a workout, it still manages to fall out at exactly the wrong time during a run or a stint on the elliptical. Having the right hairstyle is important when it comes to ...

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How to Color your Hair at Home

How to Color your Hair at Home: Hair color can be super expensive if done at a salon. But if you do one or two colors all over, it’s super easy to do yourself at home. Not to mention, a lot cheaper! I use Madison Reed and love that way ...

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