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Bliss Glam Rock Hair Tips

Bliss Glam Rock Hair Tips

2008 is presently upon us, so don’t simply consider what to wear, thump them dead with these hair thoughts from Session Stylist and Nottingham based salon assemble proprietor Nick Tedd from Bliss in Sherwood.

The Bliss salon assemble is claimed and coordinated by Nick Tedd Nick, who began Bliss 10 years back with only 1 individual from staff, subsequent to coming back from a rousing time working in London where he increased creative yearnings and enormous thoughts. Presently his organization brags a group of more than 25, a faithful customer following, its own preparation school and a heap of industry grants including ‘Salon Team of the Year’, the ‘Financial specialists in People Standard’ and Midlands Category in the ‘Edge Employer Awards 2005/6’.

‘We were propelled by the rich great updo’s, 60’s backcombed bouffants, both cushioned and splendidly styled hair from the global catwalks, which are for the most part hopes to go for this season. Chic ballet performer style buns, Bardot-esque spectacular ringlets and ‘couture’ pig tails are smooth and ultra female and extremely simple to do at home. Conversely, we likewise needed our gathering to have a punky, restless and realistic feel from the young culture clear in the city and in clubs – think metallic and realistic, Bowie unpredictability with a religious, vampy feel.’

In light of the above, Nick and his group at Bliss have been assembling an accumulation of ‘need to know’ hair searches for 2008 called GLAM ROCK. We trust these looks motivate you to wear your hair with extreme style, hero defiance or an incredible a blend of the two! The more erratic, the better!


To accomplish these urban marvelousness looks, we first hued and conditioned our models hair utilizing shades from Redken’s new shading range – Shimmer One, which works like an injection of botox with lip-sparkle to give any head of hair, hued or characteristic, an iridescent high sparkle wrap up. We at that point connected Redken Guts to the root region on every one of these looks previously sifting through and ‘control drying’. A mix of level irons, cinched over irregular finger twisted segments and warmed rollers gave the hair surface, before softly backcombing to give the hair a cushioned, frayed feel – appropriate accentuation was set on ‘dressing’ the hair to get genuine retro charm! Redken Rewind was then connected to give extravagant, moveable surface, and completed with Redken Vinyl Glam shower sparkle. Changed hairsprays from Redkens new range were utilized relying upon the models hair surface to give a ‘cloak’ of hold.


To get these erotic and risky looks we utilized a mix of cutting methods which gave hard lengths, level crowns, disjoin undercut disengagement with squares and shroud of shading which both conflicted and obscured to accomplish metallic compose completes which are more extravagant and more profound than looks we’ve been seeing. Styling, completing and holding items were utilized from the whole Redken styling extent to accomplish gaudy, matt and polished surfaces.

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