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5 tips on how to stop your hair

5 tips on how to stop your hair

You dream of long, thick and full hair. But that does not happen. As soon as you try to grow your hair, they break off. Hair breakage can have many reasons. Of course, it is on the one hand on the genetics, but also the care and styling decide whether your hair grows healthy or breaks off prematurely.

5 Tips: Your hair will not break off anymore

1. Use hair masks

Make sure you use a mask that contains oils and silicones. Hair masks and deep-acting conditioners with natural oils and silicones completely coat and protect every fiber. The ingredients work well in combination as silicones spread quickly to smooth split ends, while the oils take longer to penetrate and strengthen the hair. It’s a perfect mix for a hair mask.

2. Avoid stress

Whether final exams, relocation or mourning phase: Stress can lead to a micro-inflammation of the hair follicles. As a result, the hair grows weaker and it can even lead to hair loss. Increased stress hormones – mainly cortisol – disturb the hair cycle. But the changes in the hormones (pregnancy, discontinuation of the pill) can thin new hair and make it more susceptible to hair breakage. Try to avoid tight hair ties in this time, which put additional strain on the hair.

3. Avoid heat

Be sure to use hot styling products only moderately. Straighteners, curling iron and the hair dryer (on the hottest stage) strain the hair extremely. This will dry them, get split ends and then break them off. If you suffer from a natural ruffle, it is better to braid your hair into a loose (!) Braid. Great alternative for curls without heat: In the evening wash your hair, pull a center parting and turn each end to two croissants and then go to bed.

4. Good care

You should not wash your hair every day. Daily washing pulls the natural fat out of the hair. Choose a shampoo without harsh chemicals. Instead, look for products with herbs or natural ingredients. Also make sure that the shampoo moisturizes. Also good: conditioner with vitamin E.

5. Cut hair

If you want to have great and healthy hair, do not mess around with it: cut your hair. It is best to cut off all areas affected by the hair breakage until the hair is completely healthy again. Afterwards only one centimeter has to be recut every three months. Oh, and do not forget the care routine.

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